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I am a landscape photographer and reprographics designer. Never happier than out in Mother Nature or at a Live Gig. I adore being amongst the mountains and near the sea. A believer of all things magical and publisher of Briar Ridge Books and Elemental Tangents.

The Crystal Lake: Part Three of The Journey

The Crystal Lake is the third and final part of an imaginary journey through real landscapes with hidden secrets. Take the reality of a beautiful, mystical landscape, weave in words that tease and tantalise the mind: the result can be magical. Imagination has no boundaries as you will soon discover when you follow the mysterious narrator across the deceptively beautiful waters of the crystal lake, through the dark and dangerous haunted vale, towards the elusive Mountains of Eternity that wait at the journey’s end ... if indeed the journey ever ends! Words and images come together to bring to a conclusion the fantastical journey that started far away in The Wicked Wood.